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3, 7, 16 and 20

I think I’m answering the right questions but 20 was a question you wanted to ask so I just answered it for someone else and that can be for you too ^^

3. Tattoos I have. Fuck. Okay so I have a big creepy eye being pulled open at the top of my back/bottom neck, the funeral of hearts symbol on my right collar bone, a neo-trad zombie hand on left collar bone, a stag beetle on sternum/top stomach, a cupcake with a cherry skull thing on left ribs, ‘awesomesauce’ written on my lower stomach, a portrait of Elvira on my left top arm, a rose with an eyeball in the centre left inner arm, a portrait of Wednesday Addams on my left inner forearm, a little traditional bat on the back of my left arm, kitty whiskers left index finger, two little halloween ghosties on the inside of my calves near my ankles, a white rabbit with roses and a pocket watch that I actually drew on my left outer calf, and a portrait of the bride of Frankenstein on my left foot…… I think I’ve covered all of the pain so far….. Having a huge full leg piece thought up for me though, so that should be interesting :’]

7. Biggest turn off(s). BAD GRAMMAR. I have so many, I’m too picky. Aha

16. Favourite movie. UGH again, so many. I could watch The Addams Family Values every day for the rest of my life, (I have done that for most of my life, believe me) so I’ll go with that. I love how Debbies parents bought her a ballerina barbie instead of malibu barbie and somehow created a sociopath.

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sorry for the spam but i just cant wait until halloween is here *-*


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20 being if you could time travel where would you go?

Omg well, probably to go see dinosaurs, or the 80’s :’] no, the victorian era… I could just go on a time travelling road trip, is that cheating?

Samhain saying


Samhain is here, cold is the earth, as we celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth. Tonight we speak to those through the veil, the lines between worlds are thin and frail. Ghosts and spirits in the night, magical beings rising in flight, owls hooting up in a moonlit tree, I don’t fear you and you don’t fear me. As the sun goes down, far to the west, my ancestors watch over me as I rest. They keep me safe and without fear, on the night of Samhain, the Witch’s New Year.